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About Copyright

We draw your attention to the fact that the copyright of the complete database found at the address is owned by the Economic Review Foundation. The copyright of the articles disclosed – with the permission of the authors – at the address is possessed by their authors respectively.

We ask you to observe the regulations stated in the Act of 1999, No. LXXVI. about copyright.

You may download, read and print the disclosed articles for your personal use, but the electronic or printed use of these articles or any part of them, their publishing, duplicating, copying or spreading – without the written permission of the Economic Review Foundation – is against the above mentioned act and the legal consequences composed in it.

About the PDF Format, Suggestions for Downloading

The articles of the Economic Review can be downloaded in PDF format. With the help of a suitable free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader the articles can be opened and printed in a form practically identical to the published version, irrespectively of the operational system. If Acrobat Reader is not installed on your computer, you can find the latest version on the website of Adobe:

If you would like to search in the article as well, it is advisable to choose the Acrobat Reader CE (Central European) version, which is suitable for your operational system.

If your Internet connection is slow, your computer is of an older type or it freezes while downloading a longer article, then it is advisable to download the article first and then open it in the program Acrobat Reader, which can be set to offline display.

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