Nemzetközi közgazdasági folyóiratok

A világ legnagyobb, legjelentősebb és természetesen minden más fontos közgazdasági folyóirat.

  • The German Economic Review *
    The German Economic Review (GER) is an international journal which aims at publishing original and rigorous research of general interest in a broad range of economic disciplines, including macro- and microeconomics, economic policy, international economics, public economics, finance, and business administration. The scope of research approaches includes theoretical, empirical and experimental work. Innovative and thought-provoking contributions, in particular from younger authors, are especially welcome.

  • Brazilian Electronic Journal of Economics *
    BEJE is the first Brazilian economics journal published entirely on line.
    Its main purpose is to serve as an outlet for original research on economic problems within the context of the New Information Economy.
    BEJE aims to contribute to the understanding of this novel environment and the new set of issues it generates.

  • Cambridge Journal of Economics *
    The Cambridge Journal of Economics, founded in 1977 in the traditions of Marx, Keynes, Kalecki, Joan Robinson and Kaldor, provides a forum for theoretical, applied, policy and methodological research into social and economic issues.

  • Economc Theory *
    The purpose of Economic Theory is to provide an outlet for research

    in all areas of economics based on rigorous theoretical reasoning, and
    on specific topics in mathematics which is motivated by the analysis of economic problems.

  • Ekonomia - The journal of the Cyprus Economic Society *
    Ekonomia is a refereed publication with an international character and a broad perspective. It is a biannual publication (summer and winter) which aims to cover a wide spectrum of areas including economic theory, policy, finance, development economics, applied econometrics, history of economic thought and political economy. Survey articles and book reviews are encouraged.

  • Finance a uver *
    Journal FINANCE A UVER (Finance and Credit) focuses on the banking sector and the whole area of financial intermediation, including the capital markets, public finances, tax issues (regularly publishing tax adjudications), monetary economy and monetary policy (regularly publishing excerpts from the CNB?s Inflation Reports), corporate finance and corporate restructuring, and coverage of the insurance sector. Reviews of important relevant publications are also provided.

  • Journal of Comparative Economics *
    The Journal of Comparative Economics is devoted to the analysis and study of contemporary, historical, and hypothetical economic systems. Such analyses involve comparisons of the performance of different economic systems or subsystems, studies linking outcomes to system characteristics in one economy, and investigations of the origin and evolution of one or more economic systems. Empirical, theoretical, and institutional approaches are also published.

  • Közgazdasági Szemle **********
    A Közgazdasági Szemle szaklap hivatalos honlapja.

  • Revista de Economia Aplicada *
    The REVISTA DE ECONOMÍA APLICADA is a four-monthly publication dedicated to academic papers on applied economics. Founded in 1992 by a group of university teachers from various Spanish universities, it has its head office at the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Zaragoza. The papers submitted for publication are subjected to an anonymous evaluation process.

  • The American Economic Review *
    The American Economic Review (AER) was first published in 1911. Each of the regular issues (March, June, September and December) contains a number of articles and shorter papers on economic subjects. The May issue is the Papers and Proceedings (P&P) of the annual meeting. Selected papers and discussions of papers presented at the meetings are published along with reports of officers, committees, and representatives. The Survey of Members is published in December ever four years as number 6, AER. It contains invited papers and a biographical listing of AEA members.

  • The Swiss Review of International Economic Relations *
    As one of the leading Swiss economic journals we offer you

    * insights and comments on international economic and political issues
    * new theoretical and empirical research
    * articles by renowned authors in the fields of politics and research
    * regular book reviews

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