Full-text search (quick and simple search)

Using full-text search you can look for an exact given word or word fragment in the entire text of the articles stored in our database.

Note: words of 3 characters or shorter are omitted in this search.
Search Howto and Help: howto use the search engine.

Word or word fragment:     

Search in references

Here the result of the search is a list of the articles which contain the given author in their reference list.
Name of Author:     

Search by author

Searches for the given fragment of name among authors in the database, from which the reader can choose the appropriate one.
Szerző neve:     

Advanced Search

It is now possible to search in all data of the articles. Beetween the fields there is "AND" relationship defined.

JEL sign categorism:
(Journal of Economic
Literature Classification)
About JEL categorism you can find more information here.
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